Ten-Year Guarantee

Garanzie Fideiussorie


Invest with confidence

August 2nd 2004 Law n. 210 - June 20th 2005 Legislative Decree n. 122 

On June 20, 2005 the Legislative Decree n. 122 was approved. It lays down the rules for the protection of under-construction properties' buyers, in accordance with the law n. 210. This measure is designed to protect the rights of purchasers / assignees (natural persons) of properties that are yet to be built. This provies much more protection to those who buy into the construction field. Property investment is doubtless worthy of the highest protection, since it is in fact the most common savings vehicle.

Property insurance

An extra measure of protection to the buyer is provided by the delivery of an indemnity insurance policy for a period of ten years, to guarantee the compensation of any direct physical damage of the property resulting from serious construction defects.

This form of buyer protection is an obligatory expense of the manufacturer. 

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