Marche Region


LE MARCHE is a marvelous region, full of scents and flavors, rich in history and celebrities. It is reknowned for its hospitality and rare beauty. Discovering LE MARCHE means deciding to take a trip for the research of beauty; discovering LE MARCHE means uncovering the land of excellencies.

 A trip through LE MARCHE is a multi-sensory event which engages emotionally all five senses. This region delights us through the exploration of its five provinces, very different among themselves and yet so similar that every village and every corner of LE MARCHE provides new and surprising emotions.

 The vision is enraptured by a variety of diverse and moving scenery: an ocean and a coastline ever changing; the rolling hills with their unmistakeable profile, which mix together the colors of nature and the hand of man (visible in the historic villages, the sanctuaries, the castles, the abbies,) ; the Appenine mountains, with their woods and valleys to explore, where the echo of the legend of the Sibilla can still be heard. A stop in the towns and villages provides the opportunity to discover many museums and churches which conserve, like cherished jewels, an infinity of works of art.

 The touch is engaged by the great variety of handmade products of the highest quality.

 The hearing is delighted by the immortal works by our composers such as Rossini, Pergolesi and Spontini, which ring out in the International gatherings such as the “Rossini Opera Festival” or the “Pergolesi Spontini”; the tenor Beniamino Gigli from Recanati who enchanted the world; the numerous operatic Seasons set up in the theaters and Regional places such as the season of the “Sferisterio of Macerata.” Leopardi’s poetry whispers in the background.

 The sense of smell is stimulated by the thousands of scents, each evoking sensations of pleasure, health, and the joy of life. LE MARCHE are indeed a land of the perfumes of the marine breeze and of the freshly captured fish; of the carpets of fields of lavender: of the ginestre del Conero: of the wines which recount the history of the hills upon which the vineyards grow: of the intensity of the perfume of the truffles of Acqualagna, and of the delicious salamis and cheeses typical of the hinterland.

 The taste buds are rewarded by a vast selection of typical local products and by the wines: the gastronomics of LE MARCHE propose traditional farmers’ and fishermens’ dishes, often renewed to satisfy the more modern tastes while still never losing those values so dear to us – genuineness, naturalness and quality. It is thus that the joy and pleasure of the table characterize the entire Marchegian way of life, based on simplicity and respect for tradition.


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